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ahi podras iniciarte :)

tu pregunta en principio esta respondida en:

 In fifteen years of use, version 2 of the GNU General Public License
has succeeded beyond our expectations. It has nurtured a spirit of
cooperation and trust that has enabled a worldwide community of
user/developers to release an extraordinary range of free software.
The underlying principle of respect for users' right to cooperate has
spread beyond the field of software, to inspire many other creative
and scientific endeavors.

The success of the GPL is due to its fundamental design principle: the
protection of users' freedom to work individually or together to make
software do what they wish. To carry the GPL into the future, we have
undertaken to adapt the license to uphold this principle through the
opportunities and menaces of today's technological and legal

The core legal mechanism of the GNU GPL is that of copyleft, which
requires modified versions of GPL'd software to be GPL'd themselves.
Copyleft is essential for preventing the enclosure of the free
software commons, today as it was in 1991. But today's environment is
more complex and diverse; thus, a fully effective copyleft calls for
additional legal measures. Devising these measures is complicated by
another aspect of our success: the worldwide adoption of free software
principles. We hope and expect that contributors to GPLv3 will come
from all over the globe, and from every developer, distributor, and
user constituency.

To this end, we have developed a process for drafting the new license.
Everyone is welcome to comment on the new draft.  Statistics about
comments are now available via RSS.

El 28/03/07, Esteban Ordóñez <quiliro en gmail.com> escribió:
> Para los no iniciados, ¿cuál es la diferencia entre la versión 2 y versión 3?
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